I am a fully qualified massage therapist and trained in the art of Tantra. I have many years of experience in providing tantric therapies to Ladies, Gentlemen and Couples.

Francesca, in a brightly patterned dress, poses under a banana leaf

Francesca, a genuine English blonde massuese

I am based near Gatwick airport in Surrey, and also occasionaly offer treatments in London.
I am a committed Naturist. Click HERE for an idea for Naturists going on holiday!
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I only provide sensual massage services to adults under all circumstances.  Nothing more.
This is non negotiable.

Francesca reflected in a gilt mirror wearing a dark lacy bra and faux fur stole

By appointment only, at my studio or London location.

To make an appointment, call me on
07826 761 268
(+44 7826 761 268 if outside the UK)
Or use my Online Form

I'm also on the following social media sites - come and follow me if you wish!

For those who wish to see uncensored videos and pictures then please go to
where you’ll have several choices.  Individual videos can be purchased for your viewing pleasure.
Alternatively you can opt to subscribe monthly for additional content including lingerie, topless and naked photos, erotic writing, spoken stories and videos.

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This is just an introduction to my treatments, please go to my Therapies Page for more information.

Francesca is leaning on a terrace balustrade in sun. The swimsuite she is wearing shows off her shapely ass!

Professional Massages with the finest of Oils

My tantric massages are ideal for stress relief and can include specific elements for those involved in sports. Naturist elements are included in many options.

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I also have a very special collection of experiences for the truly adventurous. They are too much for the Home page! Take a look HERE.

Francesca driking a cuppa on a Caribbean veranda

Treatments at my Studio are always on a professional table.
Further details HERE 
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Tantra is a way of life that originated in India and has spread across Asia.
It includes a holistic view of health for body and mind. 

A stylised picture of Buda's head

I follow the essence of Tantra, updated to modern, Western life.

Tantra encourages you to move outside your boundaries, social pressures of conformity and discover your true self.

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An integral part of Tantra is caring for the body and mind. Key to this are the centres on energy - the Chakras. Each of the seven chakras is responsible for part of your wellbeing, everything from alertness to sexuality.

A drawing of a woman seated and cross legged. It shows where the 7 chakras are in the body

Chakras and their meaning

Tantra has no place for negative body image and encourages you to be your best in all parts of your life.  
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Massage Moments

I've had a short promotional video made featuring moments from Topless and Naturist Tantric Massages and a few visions of me!

You can watch it in the video player below.
1m 27s, no sound.
Using the controls, you can have me on full screen (the box shaped control)

If it inspires you to make a booking, please use my Online Form

Massage Moments with me can transport you to pure, stress-free bliss

Let me know what you think of my video, or say what you'd like to see on my massage website by using my Online Form.
All the video and the still are from 2023
Videos covering my massages in detail are in preparation.
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You know you deserve to enjoy my massages 

A picture of Francesca's face and breasts held in a bra. She is answering your call on a mobile phone

I am just a call away
07826 761 268  

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